This blog is maintained (and often neglected) by an International Studies and Law student residing in Melbourne, Australia; someone who possesses a zeal for the politics of the Middle East, and the Gulf region in particular. All views expressed on this website are my own and are in no way meant to offend. That being said, when writing on a topic as fanatical and impassioned as Middle Eastern politics I am sure to provoke outrage among many, for that I apologise in advance.

I have no formal training in this field (I’m working on it), drawing my inspiration instead from the two years I spent in the Gulf. During this time I became well and truly captivated by the political dynamics dominating the region and have since fostered this captivation into a healthy obsession which I attempt to share with you through this medium.

If you would like to contact me to rave about my genius…or otherwise, please feel free to email me at: gulfgeopolitics@gmail.com



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